Richard started in the banking industry then was hired to work for major tech giants such as Tesla, Google and Facebook as each company would offer him a sweeter deal than the last. All well taking a $25k stock portfolio and pushing it to $600k in a little under 3 years. After this Richard wanted something more than the typical work day. Retired from a boss and the regular work life, he uses the coined “BRRRR” method to build his wealth and add value to every property he has purchased. With the help of forced appreciation and an ever increasing market Richard currently sits at a $6.7M Real Estate Portfolio BUT doing all of this from a penthouse in the country of Columbia. Impressive? I would say so! That is the power of having good systems and a team that you can trust to help you build the highest level of Passive Income and Financial Freedom. Richard is married and has 3 children. In this episode we just scratch the surface as to what Richard did in his employment days to where he sits now with his properties. 

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