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Acquisition Process

There are five stage gates Victory Capital Group navigates to acquire a multifamily asset for our investor partners.

Ownership Lifecycle

Assets are typically held for three to five years.

Phase 1


Tenants are notified of new ownership and planned improvements. The property management company is brought on board and contracts with existing service providers are renegotiated or replaced. All utilities are changed to the new ownership entity (30 to 60 days).

Phase 2


Processes and systems are implemented in a coordinated effort with the property management company. Rents are aligned with the market as leases are renewed. Capital improvements and other strategies in the business plan are implemented. Cash distributions and reports are shared with our investor partners (12 to 24 months).

Phase 3


The asset’s net operating income is optimized over time. The financials are monitored and adjustments made to align returns with the business plan. On-site visits and financial reviews are completed on a frequent, routine basis to track progress. Cash distributions and reports are shared with our investor partners (one toi five years).

Phase 4


Focus is turned to the exit strategy. The market is monitored to capitalize on an opportunistic sale that meets or exceeds investor expectations set by the business plan. A broker is selected, the asset is appraised, and the property is marketed for sale. Once sold, investor capital is returned along with a significant distribution from the increase in the asset’s value (90 to 180 days).

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