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You can benefit financially by leveraging Victory Capital Group’s real estate expertise and experience.

Benefits of Participating in a Multifamily Syndication

Cash Flow

Acquiring stabilized properties provides predictable cash flow from day one, which is shared with our investor partners throughout the hold period.

Forced Appreciation

We acquire assets with upside potential and execute a business plan that substantially increases the asset’s value.

Principal Pay Down

Residents pay down the loan principal, increasing ownership equity, which is shared with our investor partners at the end of the hold period.

Tax Advantages

Tax laws are structured to benefit real estate investors by allowing assets to be depreciated. This makes it possible to receive positive cash flow while recognizing a tax loss.


Cheap money is leveraged to finance most of the purchase, which concentrates distributable cash and appreciation gains to the investor partners.


Multifamily properties are one of the least volatile real estate asset classes. They are resistant to economic downturns, and they provide a hedge against inflation.

Our acquisition strategy targets multifamily properties with the following characteristics

  • Class B or C properties
  • 20 units or more
  • Greater than 85% occupancy
  • Purchase price of at least one million dollars
  • Current rents below market rent
  • Under performing assets with value add opportunities

We search for properties in select markets having the following characteristics

Consistent population growth

High/increasing percentage of renters

Historically low unemployment

Low/declining vacancy rates

Diverse job market

Increasing gross metro product

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