Father, husband and Self Storage investing mogul! This episodes guest is AJ Osborne. AJ currently owns over 8,000 Self Storage units across 13 Facilities mainly located in the Western area of the United States. Totaling over $100 Million is assets total, AJ is also bi lingual, owner and operator of multiple companies, has 4 kids, an amazing wife and is a lover of all things in the mountains.  Overcoming multiple hurdles in his way such as being fully paralyzed, I get to dive a little deeper into AJ’s thoughts of the self storage industry and what has led him to be so successful while investing in this asset class of real estate. Self Storage being one of the top investments currently across the board, I figured it would be a great way to start off this podcast series. Stay more up to date with podcast episodes and everything real estate by following myself, Danté Belmonte on my instagram @dantebelmonte. I hope you enjoyed the episode and was able to take away some helpful information for your journey in Real Estate Investing!