Author of “The Perfect Investment” we get to talk to Paul Moore this week. Paul specializes in the Commerical Real Estate specifically apartments buildings and self storage. Late spring 2020 Pauls book on self storage will be released through Bigger Pockets publishing. We talk a little about Pauls book where you can learn the secrets used by the super-wealthy to attain and maintain their wealth over generations (and why you’re not invited to their party), why multifamily investing scored 460 percent better than the stock market on a key risk vs. reward ratio, why investing in flips, single family rentals, and small apartments is a not a path to multi-generational wealth for the vast majority of people, why US demographics, the economy, and the fallout from the last recession have caused the perfect storm for the success of this asset class and how multifamily investors “partner” with the IRS to reap significant profits while paying virtually no taxes (Your CPA may not know these tax codes, but you need to!).

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