Kevin Dureiko resides in eastern Connecticut with his wife Valerie and their young son Dallas. As a family they enjoy the outdoors and travel, and are actively engaged in their community and church.

Kevin is the founder and fund manager of Birch and Dobson LLC, a private real estate debt fund located in Connecticut.

Birch and Dobson was founded in 2007

Kevin objectives as the Fund Manager are to source property secured investments that produce returns as expected by his capital investors. The fund and Mr. Dureiko raise capital from accredited investors to place or purchase senior mortgages on investment real estate. A new $20,000,000 fund (Birch Dobson Lending Fund LLC) will begin taking subscribers in Q1 of 2022.

The main focus of the fund is lending to real estate investors with mortgages in first position on value add syndicated multi-family properties, non syndicated multi-family and 1-4 family.

In addition to fund manager, Kevin is also retained by a $20B hedge fund as a monthly consultant to the private lending industry. This relationship is now on its fourth year.

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